Masterpieces of the Mineral & Crystals World: Excellent Coffee-Table Photo Book

If you enjoy the most beautiful & best known minerals & crystals in the world, this special science photography book will be #1 item in your library. The finest items of Houston Museum of Natural Science are shown in glorious photos. These photos will surely mesmerize anyone who looks at them. A very nice table-top book to understand and appreciate the beauty of nature.

What I find especially interesting with nature is that it can easily turn a usual mineral into a sculptural shape with the help of only natural forces without any human intervention like cutting, polishing. Some masterpieces include a huge imperial topaz crystal which is more than 2,000 carats & a big  crystallized gold cluster. This science table photobook also gives detailed information on the mineral specimens, qualities, their locations, value, special collections, their history and importance for humanity.

Overall, I suggest this book to everyone who adores natural beauty of the world.

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