Free Science Museum in London

I especially wanted to write about an interesting and highly qualified museum which has free entry policy to its halls and exhibitions except iMax, simulators. The museum has special exhibitions held continuously on many scientific topics like art, energy, environment, medicine, biology, space, transport, physics, technology, computing etc. I would like to give some concrete examples.

Have you heard about ERNIE 1? It is the world's first random number generator machine to generate the winning numbers for Premium Bonds and operated using several valves and transistors on circuit boards. It was manufactured on 1957. It is a free entry special exhibit and you will learn many things about this machine and computing itself.

The future of food will be always a popular topic because over 1 billion people continue to live on the borders of hungriness. Will genetically changed food be a solution or nightmare for humanity? This exhibition is also in the format of discussion and duration is around 30 mins.

Without an IMAX 3D movie, a science tour never would be complete. Deep sea monsters, dinasours, bugs, sharks, human body and space station are some the most recommended IMAX science journey films.

I would also recommend checking online science museum stuff if you don't have a chance to visit London.

Museum of Science at Boston

Do you want to stimulate interest in understanding of science and technology for your children or yourself is so curious about the wonders of science and scientific thought? Museum of Science is a perfect place for giving honor to spirit of learning with its educative exhibitions, learning tools, simulators, movies and live presentations.

The obvious way to get attention from the public for science is to open exhibitions on popular scientific topics. Museum of Science has a dynamic exhibit structure which they always add new ones. For example, butterfly garden is currently open and shows amazingly beautiful species of butterflies. You can further learn about different stages of butterfly life cycle as well by activities and displays. Do not miss such exhibitions by browsing to Museum of Science website regularly.

Video about Boston's Museum of Science :

Simulators are one of the most popular favorites of children. Journey realistically in deep space, under water with dolphins or with a water molecule in full-motion in such technological devices. Laser shows, iMax and 3d digital cinema are other important features at the science museum.

California Science Center Museum and Exhibitions

California Science Center is one of the best science museums in US worth visiting for especially its interactive amazing exhibitions about different topics like creative world, world of life, air and space exhibits, world ecology and other special topic oriented exhibits.

For example at World of Life Defense Line subtopic area you will have a chance to learn about how living organisms use camouflage, immune system to protect themselves. Special highlights are watching a real heart and lung surgery happening right on the operating table, searching out sea horses and tree frogs which are under camouflage or playing a medical computer game where you will learn how human immune system fights back against attacking bacteria.

At space exhibition rooms, you can see the exact scaled probes and rockets like Pioneer Venus, Sputnik, Cassini which all are milestones for the human space discovery history.

I would recommend watching several science 3D movies of IMax if you didn't do it yet. There are a fun science experiments section which you can learn online and repeat at home using simple to find materials.

California Science Center offers several education programs and spring camping for kids, families and students.

Youtube California Science Center Presentation Video :

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